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Are you directioner ∞

Are you directioner ∞

Harry Styles. Though he keeps changing his number and you’ll get a group text in the middle of the night. He’s lovely and the reason I think people are drawn to him is he’s quite a charmer. In a conversation he’ll make you feel really important. ”  - Scott Mills

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one direction - fireproof 


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1D for Asda Direct

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I really want an AU where harry works at Radio One - assistant producing on the graveyard shift, doing whatever they need him to wherever he is, only getting to talk on radio at like 3 AM when everyone’s asleep and the host practically shoves the microphone at him and says, “I’m going to have a lie-down.” 
Harry’s wanted it, though, always. Ever since he was fifteen and worked at a bakery and Radio One was always on. So he doesn’t mind, fetching  endless cups of tea throughout the night and sitting there dully cueing up the next track. He doesn’t mind the small-time DJ gigs he picks up, for birthday parties and weddings, getting paid basically nothing and playing the Cha Cha Slide twice a night. He doesn’t even mind (well, he minds a bit) when the host, Jack, watches him present for a half-hour one night and then says after, clapping Harry on the shoulder, “You drunk or summat? You talk too damn slow. Not a voice for radio.” 
What he wants- what he really really wants - is to be on the Breakfast Show. Even when he’s knackered from a long shift he listens to it in bed in the morning, turns it on and lies there half-asleep and listens to Nick Grimshaw joke and banter with his producers and thinks- that’s where I’ll be. 
One night his boss is sleeping on the sofa down the hall and Harry is quietly playing all his favorite tracks in a row, even though he’s supposed to follow a setlist. He’s putting on some old Passion Pit when he looks up and sees someone outside the booth, shadowy in the dim light of the hallway. 
It’s Nick Grimshaw. Nick Grimshaw who Harry hasn’t met ever, just seen from afar, stared at from across the room at the Radio One Christmas party last year. 
Nick raises a hand in a wave, and Harry waves back. Nick looks sleepy, a coffee mug in one hand and his quiff starting to droop. 
He opens the studio door, and Harry swallows hard, slips his headphones off his ears. 
"Love this song," Nick says, nodding, and then, holding out a hand- "Do I know you? I’m Nick."
"Harry." He stands up, forgetting the headphones around his neck and nearly falling over. "Uh. Harry Styles. I’m, uh, AP. From two to five. I. Yeah. I was just- uh, he’s in the loo. Jack, I mean." 
"Odd, that, cuz I just saw him sleeping in the lounge," Nick says, his mouth curling up in a little grin, and Harry flushes. 
"Oh," he says. "Well. Anyway-"
"You’re about to miss your link," Nick says, nodding back at the desk, still with that smile tugging at the side of his mouth. "Can’t have that. Nice to meet you, Harry Styles." 
Harry stumbles backward, sits down just in time to introduce the next song, and if his voice shakes a bit, well, no one’s listening anyway. 
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